What is counselling? 
Why talk matters?

Most of us have heard that just talking to someone about our problems can help alleviate them. We can often take changes in our stride and get on with life, but occasionally we have to deal with a situation that throws us off balance and that is when talking really matters.

Counselling is an opportunity to talk in confidence to a person outside your situation. It gives you space and time in your life for you to explore thoughts and feelings and, most importantly, gives time for you to concentrate on your needs. It can help you to live a more satisfying and happy life.

Counsellors at Talkmatters are all trained to professional standards. They do not give advice, but simply listen to you and try to help you make sense of the difficulties you may be experiencing.

As soon as you make contact, you will be treated in a confidential manner. We operate a waiting list system and at the time of your call your details will be taken and put on our list. You can also use the online form if you prefer.

At your first appointment with your counsellor you will have the opportunity to make sense of the questions you may be asking about your life. Through talking regularly with a counsellor you can begin to understand your situation a little more clearly, explore alternative ways of responding and begin to nurture change in any aspect of life.

Who is counselling for?

Anyone in need over the age of 18 can come to Talkmatters for counselling, regardless of life circumstances or life choices.

What happens during counselling?

You will see the same counsellor at the same time each week, ensuring you are putting the time aside that you need for you!  You will find yourself encouraged to talk and to think. You will be in a safe environment and will be treated in an entirely confidential manner.

How much does it cost?

In order to continue to offer counselling which is financially accessible to the people of the Dunfermline area and Fife, we ask for a minimum contribution of £5 per session and ask people to consider giving more if possible. If able a contribution of £10 or over per session may give someone else in need the gift of counselling at a vital time. If cost is an issue we may be able to source funds to cover the cost of counselling.

How do I arrange to see a counsellor?

It's really easy, you can give us a call on 01383 626064 where we will take the details necessary to add you to our waiting list, or complete our online form here at our website.